“God gave Noah the rainbow sign – he said, there’s no more water, its the Fire next time”

Marco Rodzynek and his colleagues at Noah Advisors are to be congratulated. The 650 attendees at the Park Lane Hilton in London yesterday had a treat: an event just as good as last years’  inaugural, genuinely Pan-European, full of investment opportunities at a wide variety of levels and concentrated around the winning world of internet services, where at last Europeans are beginning to work at scale, and respond to the needs of some very specific European cultures. I cannot attempt to sum up 35 presentations, and a panel of 6 fascinating angel investors, but here are a few lines and figures that hit me hard:

Take away a percentage for hyperbole, and a bit more for overselling, and you will still find that Marco is right: these are buoyant markets in Europe, showing aggressive growth and interesting investment possibilities. With some distinguished exceptions, they are not related to European publishing or broadcasting, and their growth cycles are not limited by print or broadcast relationships. Something new happened in the middle of the last decade and now it is happening again. Noah and its conference do us all a service by getting the vital essence of these changes onto a stage.


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