The Internet of Things, and Why It Matters to Books and Publishing – Publishers’ Forum 2015 Keynote by David Worlock

Publishers’ Forum 2013: David Worlock Closing Remarks

Publishers’ Forum 2013: The Atomization of Everything – Keynote by David Worlock

David Worlock talking with Annette Thomas, CEO, Macmillan at the STM Conference 2011

A Conversation with Robert J. Massie, CAS. David Worlock at the STM Conference 2011

What mid-life crisis? A Conversation with Derk Haank. David Worlock at the STM Conference 2011


David Worlock Lecture for Cambridge University Press. Download the slide deck here.

Video of David chairing the ‘Future of Digital Publishing’ debate at the DPA Annual Conference 2009.

(Video courtesy of the Digital Publishers Association)